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Welcome to Hewitt’s Gate -
The Gateway to Barrie

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Acting as the Gateway to Barrie, Hewitt’s Gate celebrates family, tradition and the sights and sounds of Barrie’s culture! Over 2000 new homes will be constructed inside this family friendly neighbourhood featuring condos, freehold towns and detached homes – we have a home for everyone!

The Wait is Over!

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Saturday, April 24th 2021

Introducing the 2nd home-buying tradition at Hewitt’s Gate – offering 3 types of FREEHOLD towns!
This event includes 34 townhomes – 18 Hemlocks, 5 Highfields and 11 Highfields II.
This 2nd release is by appointment only, appointment order is determined in order of registration. We cannot guarantee an appointment to everyone who registers for this release. Registration will be closed when we reach maximum capacity.


Classic towns with
basements and backyards

Trendy 3-storey towns
with spacious sundecks

Highfields 2.0 – Classic towns with
basements and backyards

Join us for this “one-of-a-kind” home-buying event that celebrates tradition, family and the sights and sounds of Barrie’s culture.

On Your Block

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Open the gates to discover the neighborhood at Hewitt’s Gate, a mix of condos, freehold towns and detached homes… we have a home for everyone! Unique streetscapes will be created through a mix of traditional, hybrid and modern exteriors built around a wonderful mix of natural beauty and close to modern amenities. 


The Hillcrofts – Charming 6-unit multi-family buildings provide a unique alternative with open-concept floor plans designed to fit the modern lifestyle. 


Freehold Towns

The Highfields, The Hemlocks and The Hollies – A mix of 3 types of townhomes with various exteriors and plans that provide many exciting options!



The Homesteads – Various layouts carefully designed to meet the needs of the first-time home buyer right through to those purchasing their forever home. 


Bistro 6

Bistro 6 was the first community to be released at Hewitt’s gate in 2018! Bistro 6 is culinary inspired condo living, offering a wide array of condominiums with a kitchen-centric theme. Bistro 6 is sold out but you can visit the website to familiarize yourself with the neighbourhood.


Elements Condominiums

Elements Condominiums is the latest community to be released at Hewitt’s Gate in 2022! It’s all about connecting to natures 4 elements; water, fire, earth and air to experience the proven benefits of living with nature focused design. Visit the website to learn more about our next release.

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Welcome to the Family

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“Traditions reinforce who we are, where we came from, and bind us together by a common shared experience”

Pratt Homes is a legacy builder that has been building homes for families for over a century. The familiy’s tradition of building in Barrie, Ontario since 1890 has continued for 6 generations… and the legacy continues at Hewitt’s Gate!

Your Journey

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Let the Pratt Homes family help you along your journey in building the perfect home for you and your family at Hewitt’s Gate… your gateway to home.