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The Communities Pratt Homes Has Built

Hewitt’s Gate is just the latest in a long history of Pratt Homes builds in the Barrie area. For over 120 years the Pratt family legacy has endured in creating many of the city’s great communities, as shown below.

Pratt Homes Design Boutique is where you and our Design and Colour Director Gemma Elizabeth work together to individualize your interior and make your home unique.


Visit our Design Boutique every Tuesday and Saturday to browse our core library and upgrades to prepare your vision for the design of your new home.


Tuesday: 5pm – 7pm

Location: 301 King St, Barrie, ON.


 Gemma’s Vision

“I believe everyone should live in an environment that reflects their own desires and lifestyle. I work to ignite your imagination and provide a starting point for you to expand the possibilities of the design of your home. I aim to make the whole experience unforgettable.”